In The Beginning

Hot Garlic Bread £3.50
Add melted cheese £4.50
Pate and Hot Toast £6.90
Homemade Soup with Hot Bread £5.70
Breaded Brie Wedges with a Cranberry Dip £7.90
Prawn Cocktail £7.90

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Old Favourites

All served with a choice of potatoes & salad or vegetables
*Smaller portions available at £7.50

Whole Tail Breaded Scampi £11.50*
Classic Beer Battered Fish and Chips £11.50*
Hand Carved Ham, Fresh Local Eggs & Chips £11.50*
Homemade Chilli Con Carne with Rice or Tortilla Chips & Melted Cheese £11.50*
Classic Homemade Beef Lasagne £11.50*
Homemade Chicken Curry, Rice, Naan or Poppadom £11.50*
Vegetable Lasagne £10.90*
Billet Steak & Ale Pie £12.50
Billet Burger with Bacon and Cheese £11.90
Graves 10oz Sirloin Steak, Tomato, Mushroom and Onion Rings £17.90
10oz Gammon Steak with Fresh Local Egg or Pineapple £11.90
Sausage and Mash with Onion Gravy £10.50


Billet Chef's Salad

A large platter of salad and homemade coleslaw
with White French Stick or Multi Seed Brown

Coronation Chicken Salad £9.50
Chicken Caesar Salad £9.50
Tuna Mayonnaise and Sweetcorn £9.50
Hand Carved Ham £9.50
Prawn and Avocado £10.90
Rare Beef £11.50
Smoked Salmon £11.50

Panini or Toastie or Jacket

Brie, Bacon & Cranberry £7.50
Bacon & Stilton £7.50
Bacon & Mushroom £7.50
Cheese & Pineapple £7.50
Cheese & Ham £7.50
Cheese & Red Onion £7.50

Jacket Potato

Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn £9.50
Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce £9.50
Homemade Chilli £9.50
Homemade Chicken Curry £9.50

 Super Billet Club

Triple decker with chicken, bacon, salad and mayonnaise £7.90

Filled Rustic Rolls

White French Stick or Multi Seed Brown

Freshly Roasted Chicken £9.50
Hand Carved Ham £9.50
Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn £9.50
Rare Beef £9.90
Prawn £9.90


For The Little Ones

All served with chips, peas or beans or spaghetti hoops

Chicken Dippers £5.90
Scampi £5.90
Sausages, mash, peas and gravy £5.90
4oz Cheeseburger £5.90
Cheese and Tomato Pizza £5.90

Side Attractions

Chips £3.90
Crispy Onion Rings £3.90
Homemade Coleslaw £3.90
Cheesy Chips £4.90


All served with cream, ice cream or custard

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Selection of Cheese and Biscuits £7.50
Coffee - ask for details £1.90


White French Stick or Multi Seed Brown

Mature Cheddar, Ham & Stilton
with mixed salad, pickled onion,
Branston pickle, coleslaw, apple & celary - £9.90